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DSC3444 Photography: an art without memory guide course

So, you want to be an artist? Be smart: do not choose photography as your field.
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DSC3315 20 ff nikHDR Shooting for Flickr or Instagram vs reality howto guide

With the advent of extremely high-resolution screens (4K for now, but just down the road 8K as well) not so far away, many people will have a really bad surprise.
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0001 365 project: 2nd month

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about the utility of shooting everyday. For years I shot only for specific projects, occasionally taking the odd snapshot but usually planning the look and feel I wanted to get.
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DSC0224 This week we are guests on Japan Camera Hunter portfolio medium format large format guest post 35mm

Bellamy, of Japan Camera Hunter fame, was kind enough this week to showcase some of my portfolio work.

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DSC3432 How to: a tip for working with Lightroom old presets software Lightroom howto Adobe

If you, like me, have been messing around with Adobe Lightroom for a bit you’ve probably accumulated quite a few presets, and more importantly you’ve probably come up with some of your own tailored to your own style and work.

Problem is, when Lightroom changed the processing engine, many old presets stopped working. This was necessary because with the new version of the engine, the 2012, the available sliders and their latitude changed as well.
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