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DSC1115 copia Cheap tilt lenses for full format cameras Sony review Olympus Nikon Nex mirrorless Minolta manual focus howto guide digital camera course Canon

If you’re a savvy landscape shooter you know that in many situations only stopping down isn’t gonna cut it. No matter what, you will not manage to have a scene perfectly sharp front to back, and this even before starting considering the nasty effects of diffraction.
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DSC23561 Why I (sometimes) hate landscape photography trekking hiking backpacking

To read this post please disable first your “rant alert”. icon smile Why I (sometimes) hate landscape photography trekking hiking backpacking
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027 365 project: 3rd month portfolio news 365 project
Here you have it, my latest efforts.
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DSC0152 Video in an essay, photography is an haiku howto guide course

Or: why I don’t do video.

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DSC3444 Photography: an art without memory guide course

So, you want to be an artist? Be smart: do not choose photography as your field.
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