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Portfolio Every Man Is An Island

A “service announcement” more than a regular post.

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Battle of the 50mm lenses: the contestants

Every time sensor resolutions go up the thing people keep asking the most in comments and forums is: will the latest Sony, Sony or Sony* sensor out-resolve our lenses?
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Lightroom 5

Let’s see if you recognize the symptoms: changing pictures in the library becomes painfully slow, selecting more than one image takes ages, all that while the developing module remains quite quick in use.

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Today we play away: in a guest post at DearSusan I explain how the 35mm legacy lenses list was born.
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Stream in a gorge in the forest

Every time I was out shopping for a legacy (or just plain old) lens I had to dig through piles of old magazines and bookmarks to find the info I wanted. Especially dimensions and optical scheme of an old lens are often two difficult data to track down.

So I started collecting all these specs into this handy table, that I’m now sharing with you. View full article »

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