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Today we play away: in a guest post at DearSusan I explain how the 35mm legacy lenses list was born.
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Stream in a gorge in the forest

Every time I was out shopping for a legacy (or just plain old) lens I had to dig through piles of old magazines and bookmarks to find the info I wanted. Especially dimensions and optical scheme of an old lens are often two difficult data to track down.

So I started collecting all these specs into this handy table, that I’m now sharing with you. View full article »

Buon 2015!

A new year is time for changes, resolutions and dreams.

And, like my usual new year resolution of being less of a lazy a** and get up early to catch the light of dawn, even the following wishes are unlikely to ever come true.
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Linhof Technica III second version

Ok, now is the time to get yourself that nice thing you want – or to suggest your significant other or your friends to do so.

Here is a small list of what you may want to consider, if you don’t own it already. View full article »


This time we compare the pros and cons of two way of reaching high resolutions, especially if we are interested in landscape photography: stitching or using, instead, a high resolution camera.

Given that stitching you can reach whatever resolution you want, given enough time, I will not show here a comparison between stitched and straight-shooted images; it would be useless. For the sintetic list of pros and cons for each solution read below. View full article »

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