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Some may value sharpness above all things, others will search for the best possible bokeh. But there are lenses that are just plain special.

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There is a pretty differentiated mirrorless offering nowadays. How to orient yourself?
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Ariamacina Lake, Italy

If you’re a savvy landscape shooter you know that in many situations only stopping down isn’t gonna cut it. No matter what, you will not manage to have a scene perfectly sharp front to back, and this even before starting considering the nasty effects of diffraction.
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Minolta SRT-101

Let’s be honest: even when we swear we have been cured of the dreaded G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) every one of us still suffers the occasional attack.

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An ideal candidate for such device the Pentax 67 45mm

Dear Metabones, Zhongyi, and every other Chinese knockoffs manufacturer out there: I have a suggestion for you.

I realize you will be skeptical about releasing what would indubitably be perceived as a niche product. But a Speedbooster / LensTurbo / focal reducer to adapt medium format lenses on full format 35mm cameras would be absolutely terrific.
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