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Shy clouds

Sometime you plan for a picture, other times you simply stumble upon them. This picture is just one of the “stumble upon” kind.

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On a recent Fuji event I had only 45 minutes to play with their latest offering. I chose to try the X-T10 instead of the X-T1 because of the pretty significant difference in price between the two.

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Ariamacina Lake, Italy

If you’re a savvy landscape shooter you know that in many situations only stopping down isn’t gonna cut it. No matter what, you will not manage to have a scene perfectly sharp front to back, and this even before starting considering the nasty effects of diffraction.
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Cheap winter gloves for photographers

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Linhof Technica III second version

Ok, now is the time to get yourself that nice thing you want – or to suggest your significant other or your friends to do so.

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