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Kiss and make up


Breaking up


Sometimes it’s love at first sight; other times it takes a break up to finally understand that you love each other.
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We’re living in a golden age for photography gear: there has never been around such a tremendous offer of exceptional cameras for basically every price point. The problem is: how do you choose?
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Trough a Rolleicord IIIb
If you have experienced a massive slow-down and / or crashes after upgrading to Lightroom 6.2 or 6.2.1, basically the versions with the new and improved (BOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! Shame on you, Adobe!) “Import” window, you have two options.

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Clouds over the graveyard

Asking “how should I backup my pictures” is like asking “what camera is better”, you’ll probably get millions of differente answers :)

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LensTagger shortcut

First and foremost: in this way you will actually be able to add much more to your images then just, say, lens data, such as: lens serial number, film type used, developer, agitation scheme, shutter times, scanner, paper etc.

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