A camera strap alternative

Key ring, a camera strap alternative

I am “allergic” to camera straps. I like them very much from an aesthetic point of view, especially the leather ones, but I seriously can’t stand using them. Now, generally this is not a problem: I just keep the camera in my hands or screwed on top of a tripod. But sometimes you want to have your hands free, and here comes a possible solution.

First of all a bit of a disclaimer: TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK because the gear we will talk about it is not specifically meant to carry the weight of a camera; having said that I haven’t had any problem so far.

Like I was saying, sometimes you want your hands free, or you are just wandering around a place without shooting constantly or, again, you are just out with family or friends. If you don’t want to use a strap – I certainly don’t – you can buy one ofthese belt keyring holders (I found mine on eBay, but I guess a local shop should have them as well). Just be careful, and buy the steel variety and not a plastic one.


How it works

You can then attach the keyring proper to the camera, and use the quick release button on the holder to rapidly disconnect it whenever you find something worth shooting. I use mine with both a Sony Nex 7 and a Nikon D3200 (basically with reasonably light cameras) and it works perfectly. And weight-wise it should work perfectly even with the A7r, but I just don’t trust it with such an expensive camera 🙂

Now, I’m afraid this suggestion will not work that well for the girls reading this unless they like to wear (not too tall) belts (sorry, I’m utterly ignorant about fashion…), but again you probably will have a purse with you anyway where to store your camera so at least you have options!