Behind the picture: Commute


There are essentially two different schools of thought in photography. Is it the subject that makes a picture or the light you capture?

My guess is everyone falls a bit in both categories at the same time. But just for the sake of argument let’s consider the extremes.

If you agree with the “it’s the subject that makes the picture” you probably better book your next journey. These are the kind of people that tend to go to the end of the Earth trying to find a place that has yet to be captured on film or sensor. Hint: there is no such a thing. But hey, fine by me if you want to try!

If you agree with the “it’s the light that makes the picture” you can probably appreciate this shot. And you quite possibly never go out without taking some kind of camera – yes, heresy!, even just a smartphone – with you.

The picture of the day is just the boring interior of a car; I was shooting from the backseat for good measure, a shot taken while commuting! On the technical side, it was a 2-shots pano, taken with a phone and assembled in Lightroom – easy peasy. My 24mm-eq. lens wasn’t enough for the tight quarters of a car…

But the light was gorgeous, so, in my view, it steps up the photo a notch and even the, again, boring interior of a car can make a nice print.

As they say: to each his own. Which camp are you in?