Cenerente (PG) countryside, with the Eagle Peak and the Tiber valley in the distance, at dawn


A friend of mine is really into Polaroids. Chatting with him the other day a lightbulb switched on in my head, and I remembered having some Polaroids of my own in a box under my bed.

2004_02-Polaroid 10bStrawberry tree and berries


These have been shot more than a decade ago, with an el-cheapo 600 series camera.


RocksDypthic: rocks


But I found I really like the way Polaroid films used to render colors, and it might well be that I’m going to buy a few packs of instant film and a camera to shoot them in.*

*Yep, I pulled the trigger and I bought a Fuji Instax Wide 300. The film is pretty awesome, and the lens is – strangely enough! – quite sharp, even with the close focus adapter; for good measure it renders beautifully (at least up close and especially for the price). But the camera itself is a big plastic toy with, apparently (not completely sure, but it sounds quite right)  a minimum shutter speed of 1/64th of a second and an aperture of f/14. All of this paired with the 800Iso film means that you are restricted to shooting almost only in very sunny conditions if you don’t want to use flash.


_DSC8616Cenerente countryside (btw, I lived for a year in the house you see in the background)


Sadly Polaroid is no more…but long live the Impossible Project and Fuji Instax!


Different-seasons Dypthic: different seasons


Stay tuned…and in the meantime I hope you too will enjoy these “ancient” shots.


Eagle-peak_01Dypthic: Eagle Peak and the Tiber valley below it



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