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B&W Fine Art Photography


My name is Gianluca Bevacqua, and I am an award-winning fine art photographer based in the beautiful South of Italy. I feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by untamed natural beauty and to live nearby some of the most ancient and awe-inspiring places on Earth.

However, I believe that true appreciation of beauty extends beyond just wild, untouched landscapes. The subtle and delicate beauty of the ordinary urban world that surrounds us can be equally captivating. It’s a difference in gradation, not in kind. If you are like me, a city corner can potentially evoke as much joy as an ancient forest.

So I tend to consider the world as my canvas, but I have learned from experience that the best results come from photographing areas I know intimately.

When I capture images of places with a history that resonates with me, I am more emotionally invested, and this connection transfers to you, the viewer. As you look at my photographs, you understand that it’s not just a mere reproduction of an object or a place; there’s a deeper meaning behind each image.

My aspiration is to go beyond simply documenting the appearance of a scene, being that on film or a digital sensor. I aim instead to capture the essence of a moment, to involve you, the viewer, in a journey through my photographs. I believe this approach creates more engaging and enduring pictures that will stand the test of time and resonate with you and others.

So feel free to browse through the catalog, and to contact me should you want more information about a specific picture or place.