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Review: Nikon 200mm f/4 Ai

Same of the 180/2,8, just a stop slower, but a lot smaller (it fits into a large pocket). In short, compared to the 80-200/2,8 or the 70/200 AF, it is a lot smaller, lighter, a bit (or not so bit, again depending of your zoom sample, and remember the sample variation is stronger in zooms) …

Review: Nikon 35mm f/1,4 N Non-Ai

No doubt one of the sharpest lenses I ever owned. Period. Just a trace of softness / veiling haze at full aperture, than from f/2 to f/11 it really shines. From f/11 the diffraction start to wreck his performance. On infrared the only problem is to achieve correct focus at wide apertures, but if you …

Review: Nikon 28mm f/3,5 Ai

Marvellous and dirty, dirty cheap (obviously used). In visible light is an excellent performer, but it shines in infrared. The images taken in IR with this lens are just superb, and literally “pops out” from the display. In a single sentence: get it! (especially if you shot a lot in IR) Rating: visible light & …

Review: Nikon 100mm f/2,8 Ai Series E

Better built than most of today pro lenses this little gem was one of the E Series glasses. This series has been produced by Nikon in the ’70s to compete in the market with a bunch of low priced lenses (“E” stands for “Economical”). Nevertheless a few of this glasses have become jewels. This 100 …