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Two new portfolios are online


Just published two new portfolios. Check them out: Forest III Clouds A couple ones more will be ready in a bit, stay tuned or better still subscribe via Facebook or RSS (top right of the page).

365 project: 7th month


Autumn is like Christmas for landscape photographers, even if the risk of falling into one of the many cliches is pretty high, and is finally here!

Trough a Rolleicord IIIb

How to solve Lightroom 6.2 and 6.2.1 slow-downs

Trough a Rolleicord IIIb

If you have experienced a massive slow-down and / or crashes after upgrading to Lightroom 6.2 or 6.2.1, basically the versions with the new and improved (BOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! Shame on you, Adobe!) “Import” window, you have two options.

365 project: 4th month


This “take a picture a day” routine is turning out to be like running, cycling, weightlifting – or any other kind of physical exercise, for that matter.