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Review: Nikon 85mm f/2 Ai

Picture by arne.list from Flickr A very useful focal lenght, maybe a bit on the long side on the DX format. The 85 Ai performs very very good, but apart for the ugly plastic covered barrell of the AF sibling you don’t have a reason to buy the Ai model. Only in two cases you …

Review: Nikon 80-200mm f/2,8 AF D ED

Aside for the average vignetting (stronger on film or FX, obviously) you may see at the long end @ f/2,8 this lens is a very capable performer. It is sharp, it doesn’t flare so easily like its inheritor, the 70-200 VR, and it is shorter and somewhat smaller too. The firs D version (without tripod …

Review: Nikon 200mm f/4 Ai

Same of the 180/2,8, just a stop slower, but a lot smaller (it fits into a large pocket). In short, compared to the 80-200/2,8 or the 70/200 AF, it is a lot smaller, lighter, a bit (or not so bit, again depending of your zoom sample, and remember the sample variation is stronger in zooms) …

Review: Nikon 180mm f/2,8 AF D

Picture from Nikon.com Once upon a time there were the prime lenses… Everyone today has a 70-something zoom in this focal range. But if you have to carry around your neck all day a not-so-long lens like this, and you don’t care the shorter focal lenghts, this Nikkor will fit all of your needs. In …

Review: Nikon 100mm f/2,8 Ai Series E

Better built than most of today pro lenses this little gem was one of the E Series glasses. This series has been produced by Nikon in the ’70s to compete in the market with a bunch of low priced lenses (“E” stands for “Economical”). Nevertheless a few of this glasses have become jewels. This 100 …

Review: Nikon 85mm f/1,8 AF

Picture from Nikon.com Exept for the ugly plastic covered barrel you don’t have a reason to not buy this lens (unless you want its big brother 85/1,4 AF). It is biting sharp, lightweight, small, fast and cheap. One of the Nikon legends. Rating: