Portfolio: Forest II

I remember being led into these same woods from my nature-loving parents almost every week, since when I was just a little kid maybe two or three years old.

The awe the rays of light filtering through the branches inspired; the mild shiver down the spine brought by the pitch black darkness under the trees; unseen darting things moving fast under seas of tall ferns.

A part of us still recognizes such a landscape, no matter how well groomed, no matter how much civilized, as our ancestral home.

And that same part wonders if there is still some enemy out there, lurking in the shadows, in wait without disrupting the unsettling silence that reigns in these places.

In this series I tried to capture this mixture of thrill and peace that makes photographing the forest the most rewarding of the experiences, the activity most resonating with our deepest and more ancient self.

These images are meant to be printed on cotton rag paper.