Portfolio: Wild Calabria

Calabria is one of the last Italian regions, in a country thoroughly packed with people and buildings since at least 3 millennia, that has been able to preserve several vast areas of wilderness and of relatively uncontaminated natural landscapes.

My intention was to shape thanks to these pictures a synthetic travel narrative, with the aim to document both the status quo and the beauty of the places.

Call it, if you wish, an album of mementos to record what hasn’t been lost for now, but it could be with the stroke of a pen or in one of the wars to come.

The idea was to be able to compile an actualized and visual version of the classic travel accounts made famous by the travelers of the “Grand Tour”.

Hence the origin of this project name, a not-so-veiled reference to the classic book “Old Calabria” by Norman Douglas.

These images are meant to be printed on Fuji Flex High Gloss paper using LightJet technology.