National Geographic technical requirements


Just finished watching a B&H seminar with Michael Melford.

When he said that at National Geographic they require the photographers to use a camera, and I quote even if maybe not verbatim, “6 megapixels or better” I almost fell out of my couch laughing hysterically, thinking to how many self-proclaimed online experts – who’s pictures 99% of the time suck if they are showed at all, by the way – tell other people that 16, 24 and I’m sure in a bit even 36Mp are not enough to make a good print 😈

Just to be clear, the one above is not a typo: he really said SIX megapixels or better!

Obviously I think there is not one single photographer working for National Geographic still using a 6 Mp camera, if not for anything else because a 6Mp camera would now be ancient in computer-years and probably no longer serviced. But if that’s good enough for National Geographic… (remember, they don’t print just the magazine with its relatively small pages, they sell posters and put on gallery shows as well)