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How to: solve the Sony A7r shutter shock, for good

Sony A7r shutter shock was the one thing that bugged me the most, and if you follow me you know I was this close to selling the camera due that. By the way, I can hear some of you: “Why don’t you just upgrade to the A7r II then?”. Well, first of all because I …

Fuji vs Sony: a buyers’ guide

The usual buyer’s dilemma that once was “Nikon or Canon” nowadays is rapidly becoming “Fuji or Sony”, at least if you’re looking into a mirrorless, and not necessarily starting from scratch either.

How to choose a camera, the right way

We’re living in a golden age for photography gear: there has never been around such a tremendous offer of exceptional cameras for basically every price point. The problem is: how do you choose?

How to get rid of dust on the sensor, the DIY way

Especially when shooting in misty, windy or salty environments, the sensor of your camera can become pretty much caked in dust or water droplets (that are often even worst than dust…), and pretty fast too.

Key ring, a camera strap alternative

A camera strap alternative

Key ring, a camera strap alternative

I am “allergic” to camera straps. I like them very much from an aesthetic point of view, especially the leather ones, but I seriously can’t stand using them. Now, generally this is not a problem: I just keep the camera in my hands or screwed on top of a tripod. But sometimes you want to …

Trough a Rolleicord IIIb

How to solve Lightroom 6.2 and 6.2.1 slow-downs

Trough a Rolleicord IIIb

If you have experienced a massive slow-down and / or crashes after upgrading to Lightroom 6.2 or 6.2.1, basically the versions with the new and improved (BOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! Shame on you, Adobe!) “Import” window, you have two options.