Review: Minolta 55mm f/1,7 Rokkor-PF MC

It focuses smooth as butter after over 30 years of use.

And it is one of the sharpest lens I ever used. Period.

Unfortunately it will mount, because of the short focal plane/flange distance, only on the Minolta manual cameras, or, with an adapter, on the Olympus and Sony Nex mirrorless.

I’ve adapted it on a M42/Sony Nex ring on the Nex 3; now it works like a charm even if, given the weight of the lens compared to the tiny camera, the combo is a bit front heavy.

To mount this no-rare jewel on a Nikon or Canon camera you will need an adapter ring with an optic element inside, that almost certainly will degrade the unbelievable superb sharpness exhibited by the lens alone.

Rating: ★★★★½