In praise of the humble Holga

Holga 120FN

There are two extreme factions out there: one obsessed with megapixels and dynamic range and super duper sharp gimongous lenses, one that answers to all that with a loud “meh” and does’t give a damn.

Broadly speaking, exponents of the first faction will be shooting, depending on their level of income, gigapixel panoramas and the last and greatest in terms of digital cameras equipped with humongous lenses for thousands of dollars of value; the others will be shooting a 15$ plastic fantastic toy camera with some film in it: yes, I’m talking about the mighty (and recently resurrected!) Holga.
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Review: Fujifilm X-Pro2


EDITORIAL NOTE: I wrote this review as soon as I got the X-Pro2, and then I abandoned the blog for a while (too much to do!) so I forgot to post it… Maybe even if now the X-Pro3 is about to come out, someone might still find it useful!

Me and the Sony A7r were in a pretty good honeymoon again these last months, but as some of you might remember for a long time I was sorely tempted to ditch it and going for a full Fuji setup.

Giving the boot to Sony? A7r vs Fuji X-T10

The quality, with the 16Mp sensor of the XT-10 I bought to test the waters, was already quite comparable for small-ish prints (small-ish = less than 1 meter wide). The difference showed, but not as much, not with most subjects and most of all almost exclusively doing a side-by-side shooting, not in “real” prints.
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