Happy 2015! A photographer (impossible) wishlist for the new year

Buon 2015!

A new year is time for changes, resolutions and dreams.

And, like my usual new year resolution of being less of a lazy a** and get up early to catch the light of dawn, even the following wishes are unlikely to ever come true.

But if they ever should, now that would be an awesome start for a better “photographic” year.


1st wish

That’s easy: a digital Contax G2. No, not a “digital equivalent”. We already have that, and that’s called Sony A7 / A7r. I’m talking here about a beautifully crafted interchangeable lenses camera, built to last and with attention to ergonomics. A killer set of lenses and a bigger finder (the Contax one was pretty small), preferably EVF, would be icing on the cake.


2nd wish

For Zeiss to stop making such ugly (esthetically) lenses, and to hire back the guys that used to design the Contax / Yashica line. In my opinion these, along with the Leica R and M and the old Minolta MC, were the most beautifully designed of all the 35mm film era lenses.


3rd wish

A 4×5″ / 10x15cm digital back. Literally 4×5″, not a (small than) medium format sized back with a Graflock connection. The same pixel density of a Sony A7s would scale up to a sensor with 200Mp, but I would be happy even with measly 100Mp… Imagine one of this with a 4×5″ sized LCD and focus peaking: tilting and shifting would be a breeze! Yeah, I know: my mouth is watering as well. 😉


And now happy new year to everyone!