35mm legacy lenses: sizes and specs

Stream in a gorge in the forest

Every time I was out shopping for a legacy (or just plain old) lens I had to dig through piles of old magazines and bookmarks to find the info I wanted. Especially dimensions and optical scheme of an old lens are often two difficult data to track down.

So I started collecting all these specs into this handy table, that I’m now sharing with you.

Beware: the table is 2.7Mb, so the page may take quite a bit to load. UPDATE: the post was so big that crashed a part of my WordPress installation (and thanks to John, the reader that notified me of this)…so now to look at the table please follow the links below.

And beware (again): somewhere there will certainly be some mistake. If you spot one just let me know, and I’ll update the beast as soon as I can.

For Nikon, Sony / Minolta and Pentax I’ve also added links to a few exceptionally well made websites where you will find much more informations than here.

If you prefer to look at the table in a new (and much larger due to lack of theme constraints!) page just click here. You probably will have to wait a bit for the page to load, given, like I said, that the table weights 2.7Mb.

Otherwise, to download a zipped copy of the table in HTML format (73Kb only, last updated 18/02/2015) right click here instead and choose “Save as…”.

And stay tuned: another table will follow soon, sporting this time medium format lenses.