Behind the picture: through the porthole glass


I’m lucky in that I am basically immune from any form of motion sickness. This sure came in handy in this particular occasion.

I took the shot with my phone, out the porthole of a ferry that was taking me to Sicily. What you can’t see is how much the ship was “dancing” up and down. Luckily not only my gut, but also my Nokia 1020 is stabilized 🙂

When I shot this second picture I was instead actually stuck in my car, waiting in line for the ferry to show up.


Even just getting to the port was an adventure on itself: it wasn’t just raining cats and dogs, it was a proper cloudburst with high winds and almost zero visibility due the water smashing forcefully on the windshield.

It’s the pretty thick layer of water on my car side window that it’s deforming and twisting the lines in that scene, not any PhotoShop trickery.

It would have been nice if someone happened to walk into the scene, but alas the weather was so nasty nobody ventured in the street on foot for almost an hour, and then it was time to board.

Not that I like crossing the sea on that kind of choppy water, but it sure beats the nice weather I found on the return trip in terms of photographic opportunities!