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DSC0127 5 Review: cheap winter gloves for photographers trekking Sony review Nex mirrorless hiking backpacking

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MF R66 12 2 1024x1024 New 120Mp sensor from Canon review news guide digital camera Canon 35mm

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pentax 40 pancake Medium format legacy lenses: sizes and specs Zenza Bronica Rollei Pentax Pentacon medium format manual focus Mamiya Kiev Hasselblad guide Contax

Last time we talked about legacy lenses for the 35mm format. Now it’s time to step up the game, size-wise.

Beware, the table weights an healthy 579Kb, so the page will be quite a bit slow to load if you don’t have a fast connection.
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03 A new portfolio is online portfolio news

A “service announcement” more than a regular post.

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battle of 50 lenses Are sensors outresolving lenses? Keep reading Zeiss review Leica guide digital camera Canon 35mm

Every time sensor resolutions go up the thing people keep asking the most in comments and forums is: will the latest Sony, Sony or Sony* sensor out-resolve our lenses?
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