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DSC3432 How to: a tip for working with Lightroom old presets software Lightroom howto Adobe

If you, like me, have been messing around with Adobe Lightroom for a bit you’ve probably accumulated quite a few presets, and more importantly you’ve probably come up with some of your own tailored to your own style and work.

Problem is, when Lightroom changed the processing engine, many old presets stopped working. This was necessary because with the new version of the engine, the 2012, the available sliders and their latitude changed as well.
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DSC1878 The importance of having a signature howto guide

A signature is THE most important thing in photography.
A signature is THE most important thing for moving from snapshots to artworks.
A signature is THE most misunderstood thing in photography.

Please bear with me; this will be a longer than usual post, but it’s something we should definitely talk about.
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DSC1087 export 3 365 project: 1st month portfolio news

In the end I caved in, and started a 365 project. I really didn’t want to; I don’t like doing the same thing of everyone else, I don’t like usually shooting every day just for the sake of it, but on the other hand I have a really hard time resisting a “dare”.
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Sila varie 262 edited 1024x667 The <strike>butler</strike> photographer did it

We photographers need badly a lobbyist into the media industry, especially in Hollywood, or at the very least an extremely good PR person.
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Minolta SRT 101 v2 How to choose your next lens Sony Nikon manual focus guide Canon autofocus

Let’s be honest: even when we swear we have been cured of the dreaded G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) every one of us still suffers the occasional attack.

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