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Minolta SRT 101 v2 How to choose your next lens Sony Nikon manual focus guide Canon autofocus

Let’s be honest: even when we swear we have been cured of the dreaded G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) every one of us still suffers the occasional attack.

So, given that’s unavoidable, let’s make sure at least we will not buy something we will end up not liking. View full article »

9467124855 e33d24a5b7 k Google, are you listening? digital camera

When will someone at Google for Pete’s sake start considering the idea that something like their Glass would be the *PERFECT* viewfinder to any digital still & video camera out here?

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IMG 0428  Review: Nikon D3200 and 18 55mm 3.5 5.6 DX VR II review Nikon guide DSLR digital camera

Recently I went to the supermarket to buy bread, ham and a roll or two of paper towels.

I came home with bread, ham, four rolls of paper towels (they were at discount) and a Nikon D3200 with a 18-55mm zoom. Oh sh…
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FEM FEM: Film Equivalent Megapixels   redux guide film digital camera

Almost four years ago – man, time really flies! – I wrote an article comparing the relative resolution of film and digital. And before we start: yes, I still shoot on both mediums. You can find the original post here:

FEM: Film Equivalent Megapixels

With the last years seeing, for all intent and purposes, film beaten up to the pulp by the new sensors, at least in terms of sheer resolving power, but at the same time with the possibility to “scan” our films using those same high-resolving devices, many of you asked for a revised article. So here we are. View full article »

MG 0635 2 A medium format Speedbooster / Lens Turbo Zhongyi Sony mirrorless Metabones digital camera Canon

Dear Metabones, Zhongyi, and every other Chinese knockoffs manufacturer out there: I have a suggestion for you.

I realize you will be skeptical about releasing what would indubitably be perceived as a niche product. But a Speedbooster / LensTurbo / focal reducer to adapt medium format lenses on full format 35mm cameras would be absolutely terrific.
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