Review: Fujifilm X-Pro2


EDITORIAL NOTE: I wrote this review as soon as I got the X-Pro2, and then I abandoned the blog for a while (too much to do!) so I forgot to post it… Maybe even if now the X-Pro3 is about to come out, someone might still find it useful!

Me and the Sony A7r were in a pretty good honeymoon again these last months, but as some of you might remember for a long time I was sorely tempted to ditch it and going for a full Fuji setup.

Giving the boot to Sony? A7r vs Fuji X-T10

The quality, with the 16Mp sensor of the XT-10 I bought to test the waters, was already quite comparable for small-ish prints (small-ish = less than 1 meter wide). The difference showed, but not as much, not with most subjects and most of all almost exclusively doing a side-by-side shooting, not in “real” prints.
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